CRMSDC Procurement Center | success story – Fasting
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Success Story

Fasting Enterprises, Inc. (FEI)

Fasting Enterprises, Inc. (FEI), a very successful 8(a) general contracting firm, has been awarded more than 90+ direct 8(a) contracts with the General Services Administration.  The Small Business Administration, placed them on suspension because they had not reached the non-8(a) business milestone that is required in year five of the nine-year program.  Our client needed to find an immediate solution to this problem so they reached out to us.  We searched our client portfolio list to identify an 8(a) firm, whose capabilities aligned with the requirements of FEI’s contracts. and would serve as an ideal partner.  We identified BOS Logistics, a general contracting firm, and coordinated a meeting with both companies to discuss the benefits of forming a teaming relationship.  As a result of this teaming relationship, BOS Logistics has been awarded over $2M in general contracting, enabling them to grow and build capacity faster and be mentored by a successful MBE who understands the federal procurement process first-hand.